Vali Grey-cloak

A Wanderer

  • +0YoungFull of life; fierce, hot-headed, strong, quick, and healthy.
  • +1VersedSkilled; someone hardened and honed by life experience.
  • -1GenderedHow well do you fit in the role society expects of your gender?
  • +2WyrdFated; someone lucky, odd, out of the norm or set apart.



Vali has all the basic moves and male moves. He also has:


You have a secret, which is the reason why you’re here. When you reveal your motivation at an opportune moment, take +1 ongoing until it is resolved.

Odin’s Own

When you look beyond the world for an answer, roll +wyrd. On a 10+ you will get an impression or feeling about it. On a 7-9 the gods gain a bond with you.


When you have time to observe someone unnoticed, roll +wyrd. On a 10+ you gain 3 bonds with them. On a 7-9 you gain 1 bond with them.

Vali Grey-cloak

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