Ingrid the Deep-minded

Matriarch of the Barding Clan

  • +1YoungFull of life; fierce, hot-headed, strong, quick, and healthy.
  • +2VersedSkilled; someone hardened and honed by life experience.
  • -1GenderedHow well do you fit in the role society expects of your gender?
  • +1WyrdFated; someone lucky, odd, out of the norm or set apart.



Ingrid has all the basic moves and female moves. She also has:

Common Good

When you propose an alliance or collaboration and they accept, you gain a bond with each other.

Sturdy as an Oak

When you endure grave harm, roll +versed instead of +young.

These Old Eyes

At the beginning of a session, roll + versed. On 10+ hold 3, on 7-9 hold 1. Spend your hold, 1 at a time, to:

  • tell someone you’ve seen or heard it all before and shut them up
  • tell someone you’ve seen it all before and give them -1 forward against you
  • tell someone you know their type and gain one bond with them.


When you set your mind on something, roll +young. On a 10+ you gain +1 ongoing. On a 7-9 you gain +1 forward to all actions that are in pursuit of that thing until you get it or it becomes impossible.


When you do something that challenges the established order, roll +young. On 10+ you do it and the order will no longer be the same. On a 7-9 you do it once but the interdiction remains. On a miss you are put back into your place, perhaps with future consequences.


Ingrid the Deep-minded

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