Halbjörn Half-troll

Eyvind Olvirsson's Hersir

  • +2YoungFull of life; fierce, hot-headed, strong, quick, and healthy.
  • +1VersedSkilled; someone hardened and honed by life experience.
  • +1GenderedHow well do you fit in the role society expects of your gender?
  • -1WyrdFated; someone lucky, odd, out of the norm or set apart.


  • Björn Bardsson is my family.
  • Orm Halbjörnsson is my family.
  • I have shed blood with Odin Allfather.
  • Eyvind Olvirsson is my goði.


Halbjörn has all the basic moves and male moves. He also has:


When you join a fight, invited or no, take a bond with someone present if you both survive.


When you charge the enemy without regard for personal safety, yelling and howling, roll +young. On a 10+ they all back the hell away or endure grave harm. On a 7-9 the same, but only if you choose to press forward and endure grave harm yourself.


You own a small, shallow ship suitable for raids and have the service of a few men willing to sail with you and follow you into battle. These are both maintained by Eyvind Olvirsson, whom you serve in return. When you go a-viking in the summer, roll +versed. On a hit, your ship is safe, your crew paid and satisfied, and you have a handful of silver worth of goods to show for it. On a 10+ choose two. On a 7-9 choose one:

  • You bring back another handful of silver worth of goods.
  • You come back before the winter and don’t tempt fate on your journey.


You can send word to your constituents to arm themselves and prepare for battle. Roll +versed. On a 10+ they are ready and willing. On a 7-9 they have their doubts and demands and want to sit in council first. On a miss, your leadership is put into question and support withdrawn.

Halbjörn Half-troll

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