Einar Lambisson

Former Goði of Hrafnahof

  • +0YoungFull of life; fierce, hot-headed, strong, quick, and healthy.
  • +1VersedSkilled; someone hardened and honed by life experience.
  • +1GenderedHow well do you fit in the role society expects of your gender?
  • +0WyrdFated; someone lucky, odd, out of the norm or set apart.



Einar has all the basic moves and male moves. He also has:


You own the temple of Hrafnahof, providing you with the title of goði, a religious and judicial position. When you’re in your temple you take +1 ongoing against any interlopers, enemies, or undesirables.


When someone comes to you for advice and you give them the answer they need, gain 1 bond with them and they gain +1 forward when acting upon your advice.

Legal Council

When you are asked to pass judgment on a legal dispute, roll +versed. On a 10+ your word is taken as law. On a 7-9 someone demands a concession, compromise, or amendment. Write your judgment down as a precedent for future cases.

Master of Blót

When you call the people forward to sacrifice, roll +versed. On a hit they come. On 10+ they bring sacrifice equal to a handful of silver. On a 7-9 they bring sacrifice equal to a bit of silver. For PC’s it’s always their choice, but their honor may be called into question if they don’t attend the ceremony.

Ring of Oaths

When an oath is sworn beneath your ring, both parties gain a bond with each other.


Einar Lambisson

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