Björn Bardsson

Goði of Árnes

  • +2YoungFull of life; fierce, hot-headed, strong, quick, and healthy.
  • +1VersedSkilled; someone hardened and honed by life experience.
  • 0GenderedHow well do you fit in the role society expects of your gender?
  • -1WyrdFated; someone lucky, odd, out of the norm or set apart.



Björn has all the basic moves and male moves. He also has:


You own the temple of Árnes, providing you with the title of goði, a religious and judicial position. When you’re in your temple you take +1 ongoing against any interlopers, enemies, or undesirables.


You can send word to your constituents to arm themselves and prepare for battle. Roll +versed. On a 10+ they are ready and willing. On a 7-9 they have their doubts and demands and want to sit in council first. On a miss, your leadership is put into question and support withdrawn.


When you reveal that you had planned for this all along, roll +versed. On 10+ yes you did and all the details of your plan are in place, on 7-9 you set it up but there is some hitch, delay, or unforeseen consequence. On a miss your plan goes horribly wrong.


Björn is the only of Bard the Learned and Gudrun Bjarnissdóttir. Always curious and eager to learner, Björn took an interest in stories from other lands. As a child, he even dreamed of sailing abroad himself and seeing the world like his uncle Halbjörn Half-troll.

But growing up in Iceland is hard, a lesson that was impressed upon him at a young age. He nearly died after being taken captive by a gang outlaws. He managed to kill the outlaws with the help of his closest friend Helga. Not long after that terrifying night in the woods, Björn watched his father die in battle with Njáll Snorrisson and his sons. Now fatherless, Björn was forced to grow up fast and take over the running of Bardstaðir.

With Snorrisson slain, the goðorð that he had stolen from Björn’s grandfather was left vacant. Valberg Blood-Jewel allowed Ingrid the Deep-minded to decide who the title would pass to. Having already made a deal with Sarcastic Nereid, Ingrid decided that the goðorð should pass to Nereid’s son Eyvind when he came of age. Angry at being unfairly slighted, Björn swore to remember this decision and that it would not stand in his way to making Bardstaðir great.

These experiences made Björn cautious and cunning. But his father also taught him the importance of hospitality and generosity, ideas that he has tried to carry with him as an adult.

Björn first heard the Gospel of the White Christ from Bard’s Irish slave Shylah. He later discovered that Nereid had come into possession of a copy of the Gospel of Thomas. Björn managed to preserve the text and passed it on to Gellir Grimsson, who taught him about gnostic beliefs—the Gospel of the Red Christ. When Gellir was eventually revealed as a Christian by Halbjörn and Einar Lambisson, Björn publicly declared his own belief in the Red Christ. His stand established the worship of the Red Christ in Iceland.

During Valberg’s and Einar’s war with Skjöldur Brimisson, Björn managed to gain the respect of Skjöldur. Having lost his own children in the war, Skjöldur adopted Björn as his heir. When Skjöldur was killed by Halbjörn, Björn inherited his title as the goði of Árnes. He now lives there with Helga, whom he eventually married.

Since becoming goði, Björn has worked hard to become a friend to his þingmen, using his position to build up a strong community among the farmsteads of Iceland. He has also encouraged his fellows and neighbors to rethink their ideas of honor in the hopes of eventually putting an end to the deadly cycle of blood feuds that plagued their Norwegian ancestors.

Portrait by AletheiaLi.

Björn Bardsson

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